Jereh C-Create Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jereh Group.

Jereh C-Create Technology focuses on R&D and innovation of automation, intelligent and customized products, and provides customers with competitive solutions. As an innovation-drive company, we have established a unique R&D and innovation system, persisting in creating maximum values for customers with technology and innovation.

We adheres to the service philosophy of “Focus on customer needs and exceed customer exceptions” and the delivering of smart, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions for customers.

Technology Makes Our Lives Better

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Jereh Group
Jereh C-Create Technology Co., Ltd. has developed products in the fields of electrostatic technology application and intelligent application.

What is Electrostatic Technology

The electrostatic spraying equipment adopts international advanced electrostatic spraying technology.

Our Products

We focus on the R&D of automated, intelligent and customized products as well as integrated solution.

Application Cases

With advanced technology, it can be applied easily and quickly

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